Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Well February has been a busy busy busy month, much like January was. There was Plus London at the start of the month and you can see my ridiculous/amazing round up posts for that here, here, here and here.
A couple of weeks into the month i got my new friend, Mr iPhone, and i know this sounds silly but i'm honestly not sure how i managed without one before now, i am officially Apple's newest bitch.
Here are some photos taken with said phone:


I know this will wear off but i have found about a million useful or just generally awesome apps. The photo ones have to be my favourite, Instagram and Diptic.
Saying that though, the Tesco app is the bomb, tells me where the nearest Tesco is (i've done quite a bit of travelling this month and Tesco is my go to shop for food on the move) if they have what i'm looking for and it's exact position in the shop; lush.

Moving on...
I noticed i've only dome two OOTD's this month. Errr, LAME. I guess i just haven't worn amazingly great outfits and when i have i haven't taken pictures, i r rly sry.
March will be better.
My favourite OOTD was this, and it had the most comments so i guess you guys liked it too : )

Music wise i've listened to a lot of the same as January, I get fixated on songs/albums and listen to them over and over. The only thing that breaks the cycle is a new song/album.
I have enjoyed mixing it up with past obsessions this month, including Jurassic 5, The Temper Trap, Gogol Bordello, New Found Glory and Johnny Cash.

I ended the month with a weekend in Bristol for a friends birthday, this is me and the mentioned friend (Pippa) in a slightly out of focus but still nice picture.

I honestly have not retouched this, i know it looks like i have but it's just the flash, focus issues and a whole ton of makeup! Oh and yes, i am wearing an apron.

So i said in my first 2011 roundup that i wanted this month to go as well as last month. I'm pleased to say it well and truly did : )
March is due to be a slow one, purely because it's now a month until i go to Seattle so time will drag just to piss me off.
Unless by some miracle the usual rules won't apply this time (please please please please let this happen)


  1. I love your ASOS peter pan collar dress :)

  2. Lady, how did you do those composite pics? I need to sort my pics out STAT!

  3. thanks : )

    and i did the pics with diptic, it's £1.19 from the app store and soo worth it.
    i'm tempted to now take all my pictures on my phone so editing them together is easier : )