Tuesday, 8 February 2011

++ LDN (part two)

This post covers the day it's self, everything that went on etc. etc.

I planned on getting off the train and walking to Evans for the meeting up but due to my delay, i got the tube (£6-ish for a day ticket seemed like quite a smack in the face but i did use it a whole lot!)
I was totally hit by a wave of nerves upon seeing the shop and a tiny part of me thought, fuck it, just go shopping in London alone for the day, i am so glad i did not listen!
I could be here for hours going into details about meeting all the bloggers so i'm going to genuinely say right now that everyone was lovely.
I didn't chat to tons of people but i made sure to smile at every single person i saw so i didn't look like a right mardy cow!

During the day we all just hit up various shops and tings. I broke off with Theresa, which sounds like a cop out because i've known her forever, but we only see each other like 3 times a year, so i had to take advantage! I spent practically all of my money getting to London (i had to buy a railcard because i have a few other train journeys coming up) so i only spent £19 on two pairs of sunnies from Primark and a Mac Liquidlast that i was gonna buy online anyways, so yeah i don't really have an awesome purchases post lined up, but i do have pictures:

Woaahhh, a whole two pictures! I know it sucks but i got wrapped up in everything and forgot i owned a camera.
Lucky for you by the evening I'd adjusted enough to function properly as a picture taking machine!

 East Dulwich Thugz Fo Life
 How Come Every Time You Come Around My London London Bridge...
Nice, But Boring....
....So We Decided To Be Jessie J
 Theresa's Killa Shoes
I Saw The Word Seattle And Freaked With Excitement (54 days!!!!!!!)
Katie's Super Cute Pin
Getting Scene With Her Freebies
Carla and Stephanie
Pretend To Talk And Laugh, Act Natural
I Can't Remember Your Name, Girl With A Camera!!!!
 ASOS Cape, She Is Buying It

It was a really amazing evening and i spent my time either laughing, talking, eating, drinking or looking at clothes and those are like 5 of my top 10 favourite things to do so yeah; good times!

I'm going to do two more posts on the meet. Not just to make the material last longer but also because it seemed logical to do it this way : )
The next one will detail my thoughts on the sponsors and previews of the event!


  1. I want to see more of Morgaine too! Theresa is looking cute with those shoes and the cape will match the shoes :D

  2. you and Theresa are the cutest!

  3. thanks : )
    we love each other hella lots.x