Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Celebration 101

I have been meaning to say "Ohhh Haaiii" to all the new followers i've accumulated of late but i kept forgetting.

It seems fitting to do it now i've hit 101 because it means i can post this and have it look semi related to the topic:

I appreciate all of you guys reading but i'm not hearing nearly enough noise from y'all : )
Obviously you don't have to do this but i think it's be awesome if you just post a comment saying hey and maybe one silly little fact about you (or a whole ton of facts, either way i'm game) and i'll make sure i reply to every single one!

Never ever never ever did i think i'd have 100+ followers, i'm really humbled and grateful and happy to be reaching that many people. I make a thing of saying that the number of followers i have doesn't change my blog, i do it mostly for myself anyways and the other reason i started was because i thought if one person read it and felt more comfortable in themselves for doing so then i'd done my bit, but here i am with 101 people reading and that my lovelies, is a marvellous feeling!

Once again i'd like to say Thank You Thank You Thank You and send out a whole ton of virtual hugz and lovez.
You're all beautiful.x♥


  1. Hi! I feel you on the comments, totally love when readers leave me a comment. I don't always leave comments my self, but always read. From now on I will at least leave a comment saying Hi!

  2. Congratulations on the followers bb! Ummm I think I love you for throwing in a Bowling For Soup song.

  3. Hi there
    *raises hand* I am guilty of always reading, but never commenting. I shall endeavour to comment more often.
    I really enjoyed your plus london 'journey' - it was great

  4. Well done on the followers!! i shall comment more also like polly above... a little fact about myself is... (quite boring) I broke my arm when I was 9 and I now have two metal pins in my arm that hold the bone in place! pretty gross I know :) if you wanted a fashion related one: it takes me twenty minutes to apply my eyeliner some mornings! xx

  5. Cid Styel File:
    i think it;s safe to say 9/10 bloggers are guilty of leaving posts having read everything but not commenting, i do it and i will stop! : )

    It had to be done, BFS all the way!

    Hi, and thanks for the love of my plus london posts. Went a bit mad but glad you enjoyed them!

    First of all i love iced gems, just wanted to get that out the way : )
    I've never broken a bone in my life so i'm weirdly interested in the whole breakage thing and not grossed out at all (i made myself a fake cast when i was younger just so i could look like i'd broken something!) oh and it takes me ages to do my winged eyeliner when i wear it but i can get it down to 10-15 mins thanks to mac liquidlast being dead easy to apply.