Sunday, 13 February 2011

++ LDN (part three)

Okay, this is likely to be the most unorganised post about Plus London just because i completely forgot to write things down so it's all gonna come back to me in little chunks!
I carry a note book everywhere so i can write this shit down, i feel a proper fool.

So first of all, i am really grateful to those who sponsored the event because it's amazing to know there is support for the plus sized community out there and also because i got to bring home a stack of free stuff which is without a doubt always nice : )

There were some collection previews and I saw stuff from

I've looked at their website a handful of times and was impressed with what i saw but now i've seen the clothes for realz and not just on the internets i am sure i will buy from them. They have a really good mix of garments at reasonable prices and from what i could tell inspecting their samples everything is great quality.
Both me and Theresa loved this shirt:
Detail Shot
I also loved the colours on this, which i think was a dress/top/tunic but it was a week ago so don't hold me to that!
The Carmakoma rep who was there was also lovely, and beautiful (it kills me to say this but i have no idea what her name is!) she wandered about taking photos and asking for people's blog names and just generally being awesome so yeah, props for that, very good job. Carmakoma Blog Link.

H&M Inclusive:
Only 3 pieces from this line there and i didn't take any photos but i do remember being impressed by the focus on detail. There was a white cardigan that got a lot of love from people which had sequins/beading on the front and there was a green dress that had ruffle sorta things that were really well constructed.

Never bought anything from them but have read plenty of good reviews, their stuff generally doesn't appeal to me and i find the website a bit messy so i very rarely even look. However i do remember seeing some amazing promo shots a while back that were styled to perfection and the few items they previewed were nice enough.

Oooohh Torrid. I just feel like 80% of the stuff looks like cheap market fodder. That is very much a personal opinion and i have seen some good stuff on many bloggers but a pink netting and black jersey bustier thing? Not my cup of tea at all. And i haven't heard amazing things about quality either. I'm going to the states in April and plan to check some stuff out in person and maybe then i can do a better review.

ASOS Curve:
Y'all know my love for this brand and the things they previewed just cemented that love. I'll let the pictures talk.
My Favourite!
T's Favourite, I told her she looked like a sexy Inspector Gadget

Anna Scholz:
Okay, i am not a fan of this brand. I can easily see why people are and i think it does what it does amazingly well, however most of the stuff just is not for me. That point aside the reps for Anna Scholz were amazing, helpful and friendly, the amount of clothes they had there was insane and i left with a good handful of leaflets and a cd of high res pictures so i am very impressed. The company is clearly built on having a good relationship with it's customers and i think that is awesome.
I did really love one print they had though because it reminded me on Matthew Williamson's Fall 2008 Digital Flower Print which is one of my favourite prints ever!

So there is my little round up of things, i have probably left some maayyjahhh thing out and if i have i'm sorry, but i'm only human : )


  1. The CarmaKoma lady was called Marie :)
    but I only know that because Devon and I helped her build the clothes racks that all the stuff was on. (which could have been why theirs broke)

  2. The Evans thing was my fault as I spoke out of turn and it was understandable they couldn't endorse my views.

    As for your Yours, they are really aware of how horrendous the site looks and are redesigning it, thank god!

    Lauren x
    <a href="</a>Pocket Rocket</a>

  3. I've read your blog post about the evans thing.
    I'm going to edit my post accordingly, i never meant to further upset you about it : / and it's great that yours are redesigning, good communication with customers : )

    and thanks beth : )

  4. Wow that top from Carmakoma is awesome! I really like the neckline part.

  5. that carmakoma top is gorgeous, love the detailing.

    i'm glad you all had a great time, the photos looked like so much fun!

    torrid has been shit for a while, idk if it's because i'm turning 26 this year (eek!) or what but i look at the site and i actually cringe. i'd much rather spend my money at asos.

    i felt the same way about yours! their site always turned me off but i gave them a shot and am waiting for my order. we shall see how this goes.

    also i really love that curve dress, i'm sure i'll be ordering it soon!

  6. i need the curve dress, like i need air and water.
    at this point i'd sell my soul for it.x