Thursday, 3 February 2011

OOTD: Peter Pan

Peter Pan is one of my favourite books and a constant source of inspiration (i never want to grow up!) so therefore i consider it about damn time i jumped on the trend that is Peter Pan Collars.
And here i am, donning one:



I also had earrings from Dorothy Perkins and a ring from Evans on but you can't really see them and i forgot to take close ups, soz!

I had my reservations about buying this dress, i desperately wanted the black and white but had no money, then it sold out. I decided it was okay cos i thought it wasn't quite the right Peter Pan for me (i wanted a bigger collar) but then Stephanie posted herself in it and i decided i needed it, i didn't mind having to get camel, i've been wanting something in this colour for ages!
I really like it, but i do feel like it makes me shoulders look even broader and head look smaller, i dunno. It could be because i was having an off day with my appearance, like my hair wouldn't do what i wanted and felt really blerrgghh (hence the pissing about in the last photo).

This whole outfit reminded me of Sally from Louder than Silence. Pretty rad blog so do have a click yes!

It's only a day until PLUS LONDON now. I am beyond excited to the point that i kept thinking it was Friday today, talk about disappointment, thinking it was and then realising it wasn't 4 times!
I have to be out of bed by 05:30AM at the latest so i am hoping wishing and preying that i can get to sleep early tomorrow night otherwise i'll never make it around London all day, and night!
Any tips that do not involve alcohol or drugs would be appreciated (someone mentioned that they could get me mild sedatives earlier, i was this close to doing it, this is how desperate i am to not be tired people!).

Been listening to this today, a whole lot:

Probably no post until sunday/monday now. Unless i find the time tomorrow, but i'm not sure how that'll happen.
: )


  1. i do, think i prefer bad catholic though.
    how come you no like?? xx

  2. I really adore the peter pan collar trend and it looks just fab on you!

  3. oh I would love something with a peter pan collar, too! and that colour is so versatile you'll be happy you didn't get the black and white one, this is way much softer :) love the look on you!

  4. So excited for Plus London! Not excited at having to catch a 5am train on Saturday.

    After seeing how cute you look, I think I need the dress in camel... ;)

  5. i most definitely need to go look for a peter pan collared dress! Looks fantabulous on you!

  6. love the peter pan collar dress on you! i have the black/white version and now i'm tempted to spring for this version as well.


  7. thanks ladies : )

    camel is shaping up to be my new favourite colour, it's proper versatile so if you fancy it, go for it!!!

  8. I am frivolous. I have both colours. Hey the black one is avail in size 22 the last i check. Hope you are in time to see this!

    AND i think camel is a great colour on you! Somehow i tried mine and i felt matronly in both! How can all of you look so cute but me?

  9. asos is showing sold out for black, but thanks for the heads up. I don't really want the other colour now i like this one so much : )

    i felt kinda old lady in this dress too but i think it's just something you have to get over, accessorize it right and you'll look amazing! x

  10. hey hun! glad i found your blog! I love it! you can follow me in return if you'd like at

  11. Oh, I love the camel! I think I need this colour now too.. Also, you look lovely.

  12. love this on you! now i'm tempted to getting this version as well!