Tuesday, 15 February 2011

General Update

I have been quite busy of late, in a very lovely way.
I've had a proper social life which has been amazing and made me feel well popular! It's quite silly that i have so many good friends locally who i never seem to see but we have all  started to make a real effort to spend quality time with each other, last week alone i had home cooked dinner with one friend, a baking night with four other ladies and a quick visit to one of my girlies (that turned into 8 hours of talking and Wii playing plus a yummy pork chop dinner).
Add to that the extra work hours i took to save major $$ for the Devonshire Girl in Seattle trip and you're left with a very busy bee indeed.

In other news;
I got an iPhone on Saturday, my contract was ready for upgrade and it turned out to be the best option. It's just a 3Gs as they're still asking crazy money for iPhone 4's but seriously, i have become Apple's bitch in a matter of days! It's just so handy and useful and cool! It has so far lead to me getting a Tumblr, Skype and a shitload of apps and in all honesty i don't think i'm halfway done.
One app i got straight away was the style.com one, i love how i can just spend my lunch hour flicking through all the latest fashion week stuffs picking out my favourites, i shared a buttload on tumblr but here's a couple i haven't posted:
Both from Christian Siriano Fall 2011 RTW, images from Style.com.

More on Tumblr, i never really understood it before, i figured it was to Blogger what Twitter is to Facebook, but i didn't see the appeal. But now i think it was hand crafted for me.
I am a really visual person, i take photos and i see photos and colours and drawings and paintings all the time that i just love and want to shout about and i'm the same with songs and music videos and films and poems and quotes.
I generally just get quite fixated on small things, sometimes i save them up and do an inspiration bit on here but a lot of the time i just leave it and enjoy it alone, however i get no release from that so now i have a Tumblr i feel kinda satisfied.
It sounds stupid, i know. But i guess that's just how the cookie crumbles.
Here's the address for it if you fancy a peek: http://bustbuttons.tumblr.com/

I've got a couple posts lined up. Some stuff on trends i'm laarrrrrvvveee-ing right now. Something with a bit of a summery vibe (rain is pissing me off yo) and hopefully some ootd's.
However i do have a long trip ahead of me tomorrow to an audition for a university and i won't be back until Thursday night so next post will probably be Saturday.
I promise i still got love for blogger and i'll be back on track before you know it.
Love to Y'all ♥

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