Friday, 18 February 2011

I Must...

...Make My Excuses and not Properly Blog until Monday.

I haven't had a weekend that was entirely free for months and so today i made the important, self preserving decision to spend the weekend doing only the things i wanted to do that i hadn't done in a long time due to not having the space in my schedule.
That's not to say i don't want to blog, it's just that i have been pretty consistent at keeping it updated so one weekend with zero postage isn't a biggie.

Basically i'm going to spend the next two days not wearing make-up and probably not wearing proper clothes.
I'm going to enjoy some good wine and cook some good food.
I'm going to smother my face in an assortment of all natural home made face masks.
I'm going to sleep, without setting alarms.
I'm going to watch films and read books and not partake in too much facebook.
I'm going to bake, and i mean BAKE. I'm talking bread, cakes, biscuits, rolls, buns. The Whole Shebang (and i'm going to send my dad out to buy the ingredients!)
and finally I, Morgaine Elizabeth Wilkinson, am going to paint for the first time in way, waayyy too long!

Sometimes it's okay to be selfish & it turns out hella better for everyone if you are.x


  1. Sounds perfectly bliss to me xxx

  2. Everybody needs a break sometimes! Enjoy it! Have fun painting! :D