Monday, 28 February 2011

Pay Day

I literally just placed my order for this lot. It's all from New Look : )

I'm particularly excited about the one on the far right. It totally reminds me of the Alexander McQueen leggings in this post and as long as it fits i'll be layering it over some brightly coloured tank tops in the summer!
Truth be told this is a bit of a risky splurge. As much as i love these items i don't own many bottoms to pair with tees. I've very much become a dress girl.
Perhaps this will encourage me to do the whole separates thing more often, or perhaps I'll end up returning these.
We shall see : )


  1. You've picked three fab items :) Can't wait to see how you style them up! x

  2. The third onje is one of my favs but I am not decided to command yet, I never shop there before last week! Your choice is so cool. Want to see it already! :D

  3. I only want to kill New Look. I've selected all these fabulous clothing and New Look couldn't process my credit cards. I've tried like 10 of them together with my friends and the banks approved the transaction but the website screws up.

  4. that sucks : /
    have you contacted them about it, maybe there's something they can do?

    they sent me an email asking me to do a survey right after i'd placed the order so i mentioned my issues in that. if you do end up being able to order something and they send you the same thing, fill it in : )