Thursday, 31 March 2011


I predicted in my February round-up post that March would sss...ll....oooooo...wwwww. And in many ways  it feels like it has been the slowest month of my life.
Even though it's probably been my busiest month so far in 2011.

I basically have spent my time working and living as usual but doing my best to see all my friends and family before i head off to the USA.
Making sure i see everyone i possibly could became an expensive way to spend the month obsession. No joke every time i spoke to somebody i was like "oooh, i have to see you before i go". It sounds so stupid but if i'd have been at home I'd have seen everyone i know. What with the whole Easter/royal wedding/early may bank holiday thang most of my friends who are away at uni would have been home and there is also a big reenactment event where all my friends from up and down the country would have been. So basically i just didn't want to miss out on seeing some lovely peoples faces because of bad timing on my part (well actually i'm going to blame this on the royal family, they chose the wedding date after i booked Seattle, they'll probably arrest me for treason now but whatever...)

Doing all of the above meant i sucked, and i mean sucked at blogging. I can't really say anything that makes it better but i am sorry!

Due to lack of time and proper editing software i am just going to post a couple of pictures from March instead of a nice collage-y thing.
 Posted this on Tumblr, called it my pimp coat : )
 this is me up on Dartmoor, visiting a forest of ancient oak trees, awesome.
 my friend catherine's cat; marmalade.
 this is the breakfast i cook you if you're my friend and it's your birthday : )
me and cath ♥

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  1. What a nice friend you are and the birthday girl gets pancakes? Well I'm sure your friend definitely started off the day right!