Monday, 21 March 2011

OOTD: Everything's Rosy

I had me a little picnic by a stream at the weekend, with various family and people. It was sunny, but not sweaty weather. There was cider and ducks and cheese and oh, yeah, this little number:

(looks like i'm pulling a G face: thuggin.)

When this arrived i threw it on and in all honesty didn't know if i liked it. But i played around with it and decided that i'd make it work.
Now i'm not one for tooting my own horn but, i think i did a pretty good job.
The problem i have is that without tying the belt tight and in just the right place this looks like a really pretty bin bag on me. Probably because i order a size 26 which is one or two sizes bigger than i really need and i do that because i like the extra room and length.
My other playsuit, also from ASOS Curve, was an instant hit for me but comparing the two i realised that the fabric of the other one is a lot heavier so drapes nicer and the belt stays flat.

I do love this, i just think it will take some time for me to get really get into it. But i imagine that come summer i'll basically be living in the thing!

Now i have a friend coming down to stay this week so i honestly don't know what i'll be doing when it comes to the ol' blog.
I don't see her often so i'm not gonna sit around blogging while she's here spesh for me y'know! But i'll try and squeeze a post in; i'm sure we'll be getting up to some fancy mischief in the bars of Exeter so maybe i'll post our outfits!


  1. I was thinking of getting that playsuit. Would you say 26 was too big? I'm usually a 24 but always buy 26 on curve because the sizing is so weird.

  2. I love this playsuit on you, it fits really nicely, even if a little big.
    Have a good time with your friend :) xx

  3. i would say this baby runs true to size.
    i usually am a 24 in bottoms, but it really depends how you like it to hang and your height and stuff : )

    and icedgem: thank you lovely.xx

  4. I really like this on you :) You look really cute.
    Love the shoes you've put with it too. Good job!


  5. I love this! And your ombre hair lady... been looking for something vintagey for a party on Sat and THIS might be it! xxx

  6. thank you lovelies : )

    this is a really good non vintage vintage item tory, if you get what i mean! x

  7. I'm glad you had more luck with your playsuit than me and it is a lovely print and definitely by the looks of it, a better material than the one I've got. You look like an english rose!

  8. That looks so great on you! love it !!! cant get enough of it! :D :D


  9. I LOOOOVE you're hair in this post! SO GREAT.