Tuesday, 8 March 2011

OOTD: Clear and Bright

With a cold north easterly breeze.
Do you think i could werk it as a weather lady? I do : )

So yeah, last couple of days we have had some fine ass weather. Which is just ironic as far as i'm concerned seeing as how i am sick as a dog with a major cold.
But illness or no illness this blog continues and so i present to you today's outfit.


This top is from my recent New Look order, it;s nice, a little on the short side for me but it works really well with a tank/vest under it or tucked into a skirt. On the website it looked black and white but it's more black and oatmeal; nice but annoying when you thought you'd found the striped tee you'd been dying to get hold of.
Jeans, shoes and cardi are all standard issue and have been written about before.

Random Picture of Me and My Cat:

More on the New Look stuff though. The animal print cropped t-shirt did not arrive, i guess it went out of stock right before i ordered it. I have to guess because i never got an explanation. I didn't bother asking questions because i wasn't charged for it but it would have been nice to get an email or something saying "Hey, no cool tops left, soz. Won't be in your package."
I'll write about the other top when i wear it, it's cool though, hanging in my wardrobe begging to be worn!

Oh yeah, HAPPY PANCAKE DAY! and HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY. or as i refer to it "day of the wimmins"
I ate this to celebrate pancakes

and continued being a woman to celebrate women : )


  1. Love that top, and it sucks about the other one, sometimes on line retailers aren't as customer friendly as the shop but oh well.

    And nom nom nom those pancakes!

  2. thankyou : ) it just bummed me out more than usual cos i realllly wanted that one, but hey ho, i'll find something similar i'm sure.

    they were tast p-cakes: with some caramelised apples and lashings of maple syrup!!

  3. you look very cute, totally my style :)
    I want the New Look top you called as Alexander McQueen, but I'm a little confused about the size chart. S or M? What size did you order? Also I'm loving the new rose denim shorts... so cute :)

  4. thanks guys : )

    i got the mcqueen-esque in an L. And it's a pretty good fit, it get's narrower as it goes down, so round the arms it's baggy and round the hips it's tighter.
    I reckon i could have got into a M though.
    i love the rose denim too : )

  5. I really like it, you look super cute and it's simple :) i have really large hips and I'm annoyingly tall so i feel self-conscious in skinny jeans :p

    p.s. I've read your blog for ages but I've never commented :P, i really enjoy it...keeps me entertained at work!

  6. These jeans look amazing on you, the whole outfit is sweet too - chic and casual.

    Also, yummm pancakes!

  7. I received the mcqueen top... I ordered an S and then I read your post and I was so scared, but it fits perfect :)))