Saturday, 11 December 2010

OOTD: Hammer Time

Yeah, my new trousers make me feel a bit MC Hammer-y. Hence the title.

I'd like to start by just getting this semi-negative (and quite long winded) bit out the way first.
I ordered these trousers a couple weeks back, along with these. I got 20% off code and they had a buy before 5PM and get free next day delivery thang going on so that was lovely. However...
First up, unless my eyes are messed up, they look quite brown in the photo, sandy-browny-greenish. In real life these are bona fide army green. Like standard issue washed out uniform green. Which is fine, because i can roll with that, but the picture fo shiz mislead me. So yeah, be warned all is not as it seems. I will also add at this point that the other pair, briefly mentioned above, but not pictured in this post are less shiny and less pink that the photo, a friend called them camel, i'd agree but say with a hint of pink.
Secondly, the pair i'm posting on today are my second pair of the same ones, the first either came ripped or ripped as i put them on. Basically they're made of very soft cotton twill, which in my humble opinion is a free spirit sorta fabric and when you try and hem it, it pulls. Which incidentally is what happened with mine, the whole side seam on the left leg went. I emailed ASOS asking if i could still return even though i'd removed the tags, they sent an email back straight away informing me they'd sent out a replacement pair and given me 10% off my next order. This is obviously great customer service but if they'd have given me a choice i'd rather have exchanged for something else (i've got trouser paranoia, i keep checking the seams), and also the replacement pair were a size smaller than my original order, they still fit but they're less roomy, i couldn't be arsed with sending them back and emailing again so left it.
All in all i am still perfectly happy to shop at ASOS and still love the trousers but i felt the need to explain everything, especially about the colour.


Despite the above issues, i do love these trousers. I think they're very true to size, comfy and easy to wear. Like this took me two seconds to throw on (i'm wearing less than 5 layers for the first time in weeks, we've had solid ice in our garden for ages but it melted this morning).
I went Christmas shopping, ugh, i hate huge crowds of people and looong queues for everything. I'm nearly done now though so hopefully i can just avoid town until Christmas. The only pre Christmas shopping i like is the big supermarket shop, for two reasons. One: fancy alcohol and food, being able to put anything in the trolley with the excuse of "It's crimbo!". Two: it's crowded and people are rude and ignorant so i get to put my war face on, i'm tempted to actually paint myself blue or something this year, i march through Tesco getting my stuff and take no shit, it's the best way to blow off steam : )

You'll notice i have once again taken my photos in a slightly different way. Basically from now on it will hopefully always look like this, now i've worked out that i can rest my tripod on my bed and still take level pictures. Please excuse the mess of clothes in the corner, i'm a proper messy madam sometimes.

Oh, yeah, i got some awesome £10 shoes today and new beauty stuff so i will likely add these to the "Stuff i need to post on" list. (I christmas shop for myself as well as everyone else, do any of you do this?!? : D)


  1. Love the trousers! and snexy jacket :-) also i do like the long dark hair look on you for wintery times. Beautiful!

  2. Those trousers look AMAZING on you! I was always worried about harems when I first saw them but I love mine & they are my go to pair of trousers. I looked at these and I may just have to buy them now I've seen them on you!BTW what size did you order if you don't mind me asking? ASOS sizing is so out of whack!

    ps - I like your tattoo.

  3. I know I love all your outfits, but I really love this one! The trousers look fabby on you, shame about the colour really, but the style suits you so well. I recently got a pair of harems from Evans and when I wear them I totally feel like MC Hammer too, haha. Anyway, you look hot!

  4. Hello! The trousers fit you well so i don't see a need for a bigger size? I like how your hair was pinned back one side.

  5. monkey(this is odd calling someone monkey, i hope this is okay!)
    Thankyou! i was waiting for the right pair of harems and i think these are it, no others i've ever tried on before reall did it for me.
    the size i'm wearing is a 24, asos sizing can be well off so i'm cool with you asking. but i will say that they have elastic at the back and it is pretty much fully streched! i think that if you're a normal to bigger 24 then you'll fit fine but when i had the 26's on it was a little more comfy and not wayy too big like i'd need braces or something. i will also say that i'm wearing them across the widest part of my hips which is also the widest part of my body. covering all my bases here, wanna make sure you get the right size : )

    Thank you my lovely : ) i'm glad i'm not the only one who feels like mc hammer. i think it stems from living in skinnys and leggings for years. even my pajama bottoms make me feel gangstaaa, maybe in another life i was a supporting act for 50 cent or something.

    Thanks about my hair, it was just a mess so i threw a clip in it.
    I only ordered a size up so there was room, i dont need the bigger size or anything i just like some clothes to be a bit loose for comfort : )


  6. I have to agree that those trousers fit you so well! It's like they were especially made for you. I like how you paired them with that awesome shirt! :)

  7. VERY cute :) I love the leather jacket!! And the trousers! :)

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