Friday, 3 December 2010


Radio Silence Over.

After the busiest couple of weeks (and it aint all over yet, but thank god for the slowdown!) i am back.
And boy, have i missed this : )

I'm 100 posts deep. I feel like this is way past going steady, me and blogging are in a serious relationship now!

You may have noticed the new header, my own artwork thankyouverymuch, very heavily influenced by Hilda.
It's not quite finished, i'm getting some much needed html help from D at The Merry Traveller, she is an angel and if you don't visit her blog a fiery hell will rain down upon you and your wicked soul, well not quite you'll just be missing out on a lovely lady and her lovely blog, but in my eyes the two are virtually the same!

This is going to turn into a bit of a links sorta post. I feel it in my bones.

I posted a reply on Apricot Tea today, to a post asking the readers of said blog to quickly sum themselves up as best they could. Ev'Yan, the author, replied to my post (and everyone else's, what a trooper, clearly another angel)
I love this sense that i now have a kind of friend. We've never laughed together, i've never touched her, we haven't sat and eaten a meal whilst discussing a trivial subject like how expensive vending machines are becoming but we know tiny little facts about each other and have things in common and if all of a sudden we were stranded alone on an island together it wouldn't be terrible : )

My friend Lauren posted today. I've mentioned her a lot before. This post is beyond awesome though and i love discovering new artists through her blog.
She's at Uni right now, i visited her on Wednesday, words cannot explain how much i miss having her within walking distance of me. (not that we ever walked anywhere what with her handy yellow car and all!)

I bought these and these this week. Expect major postage on them trés soon!

I skipped a 5 favs and lessons learned post, these posts will be regular from now on. Every other Monday.

Errrr, what else what else!?!?
Oh, yeah, this is LUSH!

Mink or Black? please tell me what you prefer because i'm totally stuck!

Okay, i think i'm done.
You know you haven't blogged for a while when i post like that tires you out : )
Love to you all!!!


  1. I am absolutely in love with the playsuit. I like the mink but I want the black sooooo bad!

  2. Hola chica! Glad to see you posting again & I love the new header :D
    I adore the mink one & I'm hoping it's longer in the body than the previous one as that looked dreadful on me

  3. i'm so manfy in love with the mink but black would get so much more usage!

    stephanie did you get the black and white block print one?! i'm interested in this length thing because i think we're similar heights, and i can't judge fit off the model because it's like a massive bag on her.

    and thanks about my new header, you're layout is looking pretty snazzay : ) xxx

  4. Thanks bb!

    Yep, I ordered it a size up too so the bust was a little big but when I stood up straight it was like a harness LOL
    My friend has the old one & she's about 5'11? It fits her okay, & I think Gabi (YFF) is reasonably tall too.
    Just realised the new one has stud things, I thought it was polka dots! I'd like to see what it looks like on someone who fits in it.

  5. okay cool, guess it all comes down to body length vs. leg legnth.
    if i order this one, which may well happen due to my shopping willpower being zero right now (side effect of christmas shopping, and it doesn't help when asos keep sending you 20% off codes!) i'll totally post on it and give good deets on the fit.x

  6. Black for sure.Altough the mink is pretty as well.
    Great blog,following!

  7. looks like black is a winner!

    and thankyou mila : )