Thursday, 16 December 2010

Ramble On

I don't refrain from being political on my blog.

I just don't often talk about big Fat Acceptance things on here (like the Marie Claire controversy) because i like what i post to be concise and educated and well written, not a 2 page gabble about how angry i am fat people get treated like shit.
Because we all know fat people get treated like shit without me blowing my nut over it.
I also hate, and i mean hate this hypersensitive culture that has come to my attention recently, where everything has to be P.C for fear of upsetting someone and even then somebody complains.

I say i don't refrain from being political on my blog because the bare fact that i am a fat woman, putting nice clothes on my big ass and posting pictures of it (sans self deprecating captions) means that i am hugely political.

But this isn't just about how hard it can be to be fat because lets face it, life's no picnic for anyone.

From the moment you're properly aware of the world around you, you're constantly told you're not good enough. And this goes for everybody; men, women, fat, thin, black, white etc etc.
We are all victims of a culture that revolves around making us feel bad so we can be sold a product that makes us feel good. You know it's true.

Even if you have amazing family and friends who love you and make you feel beautiful, there will always be someone to knock you down a peg, especially if you don't quite tick all the boxes on the "what makes a person pretty list" and that person is probably someone you don't know at all and they will probably launch an unprovoked attack on you in the street/playground/workplace/other public venue.
I have said this before and I maintain the opinion that every single person is beautiful, or at the very least has the capacity to be so.
It is unfair that we make life harder for ourselves by being horrible to each other, as if life isn't hard enough.
This isn't about fat acceptance. This is about acceptance.
Diversity is key. People are what they are, weight or race or religion or sexuality should not affect the respect we have for each other and our right to exist and to live.

This video inspired me, because it represents people like me. But the message of it can be applied to everything; race, gender, sexuality, religion...
So give it a watch, or a listen.
And the next time you judge someone or make a comment consider what it is you're saying and why.

fat body (in)visible from Margitte Kristjansson on Vimeo.


  1. thanks for sharing that video, I found it really inspiring x

  2. truly an inspiring video, I love your point of view.