Thursday, 11 November 2010

OOTD: Kickin It Autumn Style

What does one do when a lovely clear and crisp autumn afternoon/evening rolls around?

One goes for a bike ride with one's bestie of course!

Our route went a little like this:
My House, the local Valley Park (a favourite with dog walkers, kids and junkies; what a mix) down to the river then up to Tesco to buy food and a triumphant return to my house for a good strong cuppa tea with the previously bought scones and 3 different types of jam!
Reckon we did at least 4 if not 5 miles, with plenty of hills, i think i earned my scones, don't you?


In terms of shops bought from, this is the most varied outfit I've worn in months, which really says something about my shopping habits.
The boots pictured are the much raved about new boots, purchased in Birmingham. I wanted to dedicate a whole post to them but despite being comfy, beautiful and amazing they are not photogenic so i decided to leave it.
Here's a link though.

Considering they are not real leather, deep down inside i know i paid too much for them. But i honestly couldn't stop myself. I normally wear a size 9 or 10, i got these in an 8 (they didn't have 9's in store so i didn't know they even went up that far until i saw the website). I was so excited to fit into "normal sized" shoes i nearly cried. Plus these make a nice realistic replacement for the totally out of my league Erdem Floral Hikers.
(just because i picture them in that linked post i'd like to mention that New Look are also doing some pretty good Burberry Shearling Boot knock offs)
The other thing i love about these is the fact that the sole and whole heel are made from rubber: hello comfort! I've walked, cycled, stood, danced and rehearsed for panto in these and although my feet were a little sore-er than in flats, it was marginal. From now on i will be forever in search of more rubber heels (no fetish connotations meant)
The last praise i will give to these boots is that wearing them with the above outfit on my cycle ride, made me feel a little bit like i could give this lady a run bike ride for her money:

Just to round off, here's some scenery:


  1. hi hon, I love your dress and how you worked it :) those days are lovely, and so is the scenerey :)