Monday, 1 November 2010

Your Challenge, Should You Choose To Accept It.

Thanks to Jennifer for the taggage!

4 TV shows I watch:
Shameless (the latest season finished so long ago, i want more!) America is getting it's own version soon, but trust me the English original is so much better, it;s very gritty and amazing and proves that no one can do lovable scum quite as well as us Brits.
South Park,, late night boredom killer.
CSI: Vegas and NY: but never Miami!
Criminal Minds, it has fancy quotes and is therefore educating.

4 Things I've done today:
Put a face mask on.
Planned, but not yet eaten my breakfast.
Read a chapter of Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates
Responded to a lovely comment on my latest post!

4 Things I can't wait for:
Wednesday, and seeing friends i haven't in way to long
The first performance of Cinderella, about 7 or 8 weeks to go.
The new year, this one has been crazy, no regrets though!
April 2011 and my trip to America.

4 Things I wish for:
Money, but for practical things like repairs on the house and fixing my dad's car.
Magical powers, duh.
My own personal shoe maker so getting the shoes i want in my size is never an issue again.
That i don't get sick on my 4 hour bus trip on Wednesday

4 Things I hate:
People intent on shitting all over your life and your passions, seriously, go away.
Green Peppers, nasty.
Not having Magical Powers, duh.
I can't think of one more, guess i'm not much of a hater : D

I challenge:
Everyone. Post in a comment if you don't want to do a blog post, i want to read!!

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