Saturday, 30 October 2010

OOTD: Brand Spanking New

I did an uber bumper post on all my current ASOS Curve Cravings the other day, be sure to check it out if you haven't already, let me know what you like and leave links to other stuff, i love hearing what everyone is feeling or not feeling.
Anyways, as i was doing that post the site updated and this beauty of a dress appeared from nowhere and yesterday i got an email saying "Have this 20% off code, and free delivery if you order before 6PM today", which is virtually the same as an Internet fashion being was personally hand delivering this dress to me, lets face it.


So yeah, about 27 hours ago i ordered this baby and paid under £30. I'm quite impressed and could not wait to get it over my head when it arrived this morning. I wore it around and about today, i went to Lush to buy all natural face lovelies and all the chicas there were painted up for Día de los Muertos which despite the fact i'm not Mexican, has got to be one of my favourite holidays ever. I'm forever reading shit loads of info. about it and looking at pictures. I'm actually really interested in religion and religious festivals, i wouldn't call myself religious but i find it really awe inspiring a lot of the time, the things people get up to in the name of a god or saint or spirit and the traditions that come with it. Another favourite is Holi, beautiful.
I threw my leather on over this for warmth and wore my basic black Evans pumps and a few silver rings:
pretty simple really, thought I'd let that awesome print and my bright red lips do all the talkin'.

I'm still wearing it now, seriously, talk about comfy. However the weather has gone nuts here so i've put a big chunky black cardie on, some nice thick and fluffy bed socks over my tights and my face is currently like this:
Can you spot the stamp from last night?

Am i turning into Terry Richardson? Prepare for a blog full of thumbs up, plaid shirts, tits and jared leto.


  1. OMG! I just saw it on the ASOS site before I read your blog and was thinking and kicking myself for having ordered TWO separate orders of ASOS earlier. My friends and I just ordered from ASOS yesterday or something and I missed out on this dress. I agree the flower print is so pretty and I do like viscose :)

    You look like a flower in it! Have lots of fun in it and skip around!

    p/s: and i am jealous that you get to have your dress all within 27 hours. MY ASOS order takes like .. 2 weeks if not more to arrive.

  2. the print is lovely right?! and i like viscose chiffon, it hangs really nicely off my body, not too clingy or anything!

    i'm quite blessed that my order can arrive so quickly, even if i get normal delivery it's only a week or so. But have comfort in knowing that despite the wait, you'll have lots of lovely new clothes
    : )

  3. Such a cute dress - it looks great on you! I am loving a lot of the pants on Asos lately, but I am wary of them.. So I ordered the hot pink floral dress in the clearance section and the hot pink puff sleeve blouse.. I sense a theme here haha.

  4. thanks : )

    i'm totally the same with the ASOS pants right now. It;s the one time you wish there was a store to try stuff on, i know it;s free delivery and returns but that means the money has to go out of my account and i can't really afford that.

    hot pink is good, brighten up the winter months : )

  5. I am absolutely in LOVE with those rings!

    ^^Take a peek into my NEW personal weight loss journal! I want to put up some plus size fashion segments, too!

  6. loooove it!!!!

    what size did you order?

  7. i got a uk 24. i could have gone with a 22 because it's only fitted around the waist area but i wanted a bit of extra room. plus i'd rather have something a bit bigger than a bit too small.

    i'm still in love with the print, it's very kitchy tablecloth : )