Sunday, 24 October 2010


I've been silent for 3 days, but with good reason.

A couple friends came back from uni this weekend so i have been quite the social butterfly, well, more social moth but still; I've actually had a life (home alone face).

I've spent the majority of my time in my new pajama pants this weekend. Get ready to have a fashion orgasm when you see the print.
£12 TESCO and according to the label some money goes to a children's charity so these are the PJ pants that just keep giving. Also don't you love the clash of my zebra bedspread and cookie monster : )

I'm wearing them now, because last night i went out, and i don't do proper clothes on mornings following nights when i manage to drink half a bottle of Sailor Jerry's.

Speaking of last nights shenanigans, here is me posing.

Got this top in the sale a couple weeks back and I've been wanting to wear it out since. I based the outfit around it and felt like it came out very grown up smart casual, i liked it though! I tried so many different jackets and cardigans with this but settled on the blazer because it was the most practical and i always feel like a good black blazer in the right material can smarten up any outfit.
I actually ended up wearing flats out because my friend Hayley didn't bring heels home from uni so she was like a foot shorter than me and i don't know if it was the rum or what but i didn't feel much less dressed up sans heels and i normally do.
The fabric of this top is lovely and the fit is spot on, so much so, i may buy it in black as well (the one I'm wearing is described as khaki, and I'm confused as to what khaki actually is because there are so many conflicting opinions so I'm gonna go ahead and call it grey!).
I've got a bunch of other outfits i can revolve around this top and i love getting stuff that instantly becomes a good wardrobe staple so I'm a happy shopper!

Moving on from the clothes. My night out was really good and I'm so glad to have actually made it out (even though right now i am REALLY broke and quite tired) i didn't think i would because i was due to have a rehearsal all day today but it was cancelled so drunk i got and good times i had.
Speaking of rehearsals i think i said I'd post a picture of what i wore to Wednesday's one if i made an effort. I did make an effort but not one single photo of my whole body was nice due to being rushed and having a bloodshot eye. Hot.
I went 90s crazy and wore my polka tea dress with white tights and docs, i told my dad it was called Ode to Stefani and Love, but he just gave me one of those indifferent looks and carried on walking down the stairs. He thinks I'm silly.
I am.

So i think this quite large post makes up for 72 hours of silence, I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends and has a lovely Sunday. I myself am now off to eat some well needed toast.


  1. i'm such a sucker for combat boots and dresses! great outfit

  2. Awww, I love your night out outfit! So chic! What size did you get the Asos top in? I love them but I'm not sure what size to get, 24?

  3. oo Grown up glamour indeed! :D
    I am in love with the dress, tights & docs! Amazing.

  4. elizabeth, i got a 24 and it's pretty true to size. so comfy!

    steph: thanks : )

  5. Love your outfit!


  6. Wow wow, maybe i should consider buying blazers from ASOS! You look so well in them! Most blazers i can find in Singapore stop at 20 and I can't frigging button them up properly sometimes.

    Polka dot dress seems cute (since I see only a hem shot :P).

  7. 90s look is such a winner. Hahaha my Dad never used to understand what I wore either.