Friday, 15 October 2010


I have nothing better to do than to tell all on my plans for the weekend.

I'm home alone. Cue wild Ke$ha style Drunk Tank 3 day party?
Well, no.

Cue me and my cats enjoying oven chips, home made soup, cheese, TV and Dr Pepper Zero.
Well, yes.
Grandma Morgaine is in the hizayy!

I'd get messy if i had the funds or the energy, but i just don't. I've cycled a good 20 miles this week, had 2 rehearsals and work. I don't know why I'm justifying myself, i don't have to, I'm 19 and I'll go on 89 if i want to : )

I'm going into town tomorrow to have a look around at some things. A lot of pretty has appeared on Evans website this week and i want to check it out in the flesh.
Tomorra night will be another wild one, like, i might watch a film!!!

Sunday is cleaning day for me but i do have a friend coming over that night so it's all good.

Then back to the grind Monday.

Basically I'm aiming to do 2 or 3 posts including OOTD's and other sexy stuff so stay tuned.

What are your plans? Are you wild/close to needing rehab like me?


  1. This sounds like me for sure! I'm home alone until like 10.30. I made dinner, did some reading for school, gave up on that and I'm now faffing around on the computer, watching you tube videos. I'll probably drink lots of tea too. I'm such an old woman.

  2. old women-y-ness is the best! rock on with your crazy tea fueled weekend, you nut! x

  3. I'm going to be wild in the weekend too! Saturday at work and Sunday packing for the psychology training :D

  4. When are you coming to see me????!!! x

  5. maybe next week beyy? i got thursday off work!! x