Saturday, 16 October 2010

Trouser Me

Standing outside in the freezing cold the other night wearing a beautiful but not so warmth retaining outfit i came to the stark realisation that i might not make it through winter with only tights or leggings to cover my legs. I decided that this winter, i want, some trousers. I want to be this well trousered:
Image From Fatshionable.

I planned to shop around for trousers today. And to spice this post up a bit there was going to be changing room pictures and little captions and everything. But after trying on one pair in Evans i cut my trouser shopping short.
I tried on a pair in what is normally my size and as per usual with trousers, they looked like utter shiz.
It's a mixture of my weird as hell hip shape and being in between sizes that makes them all look so rubbish. I tried on a 24, they fitted, but, as i may have previously mentioned, looked nasty. I could size up but they'd be too big, and i don't like having to pull my kecks up every two fucking seconds. WELL LOOK AT THAT TROUSERS, YOU MADE ME SWEAR ON THE BLOG, WHICH I TRY NOT TO DO, THANKS!
These horrible things mentioned above also tend to apply to jeans a lot of the time, i know i am in no way alone with jeans, i feel your pain if you too are never happy with your denim leg covers.(jeans also present the other problem of not being able to get my calves into skinnies so i have to buy straight cut and sew them to fit how i like)

I really want to wear trousers, and i feel sick to my stomach with envy every time i see someone wearing them well, like that girl in the fabric shop with her green cotton military inspired peg leg numbers; wide waistband and antique gold buttons included, *cries*.

I've seen a few pairs i like but each present a different problem.

This Style369 pair are 100% viscose, which could well mean jersey, the mother of all cheap clingy fabrics, and not my best friend in trouser form.

This ASOS pair could have been the holy grail of trousers, i could have kept my legs warm and rocked the velvet trend but oooh nooo, guess what, they only go up to an 18. BOOOOOO, make them for the curve range now!

This ASOS Curve pair are what i may buy next month. But i may not. Because being an actual human being, my thighs touch and hell, they even rub together when i walk, which can mean bald patch thighs on these bad boys as they're made of cord. And I'm not just guessing that it'll happen, I've had the problem before.

Have i dragged you all down with my moaning and ranting yet? I don't mean to be a debbie downer but it gets frustrating.
I'm not completely defeated by the whole situation, i can live without trousers. And if i really feel like my need for a pair is crucial i can try making some.
Just being the impatient madam that i am, i want them now, in a lovely style at a reasonable price.

God I'm a nightmare. Damn You Trousers!


  1. Ugh I've been wanting a cool pair of straight leg black trousers for a while - hard to find as they're either flared leg or skinny.

    I'm contemplating these, maybe you like them too?

  2. they're cute. just the fabric that puts me off. it's times like this i wish you could go to an ASOS store and try stuff on!! : )

  3. They're cotton though, so they're probably pretty nice, not nasty polyester.. ugh like when it has that awful sheen to it, haha, I hate that.

  4. totally didn't see that! probably a much safer bet then.
    if you get them, do a post : )

    shiny clingy polyester trousers. how anyone could wear these i don't know! x