Thursday, 28 October 2010


And on the month i really need to save money. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!


The blue one reminds me of my other similarly coloured ASOS Curve dress but i'm loving the different sleeves. The black showcases my love for texture if i'm working an all black thing.

I have a strange thing for hook and eye fastenings. I think it's to do with my love for corsets where you often see them. I also like the blue version of this'un.


There was a Musings of a Fatshionista Facebook post on the top pair. Agreeing with the post i wish they came in black; aside from that the cut and fabric are on point. I've posted on the bottom pair before, not a lot of love for these but now i've seen them on real people, other bloggers in fact, i'm so in love it hurts, i spy another frugal month.

Old. School. Glam. Nothing else to say.

I'm not sure what the obsession with shiny fabric is about, it's not like it tends to be hugely flattering (i want to eject this word from my style consciousness, and I'm trying, but stick with me) but i have to admit i think the strong studio lighting used in these shots amplifies the shiny a whole lot. And also, when you look at the construction and style of the garments i think shiny is becoming something i'm much less afraid of.
ASOS Curve has given me so much already, and now it's curing my shineaphobia. I'm rather grateful for this online gem of a store.


  1. love every single piece you're showing on here! absolutely adore the one with the hook n eye fastening, too. very pretty.

    xxx Charlie

  2. I have shineaphobia too! Plus I love corsets and seamed stockings, so this is a great post to ogle!

    be strong, but I feel your pain, just bought a new coat so I have to be good too :-(

  3. thanks lovelies : )

    i may have totally caved and bought something already, it's not in this post but i could not resist. ASOS sent me a 20% off code and gave me free next day delivery. Evil, Evil, Lovely People.x