Saturday, 30 October 2010

What Friday Night Taught Me

I went out for a friend's birthday last night, and a quiet drink quickly turned into several rather noisy but very enjoyable ones.

I'm posting a picture of what i wore, even though looking back i was/am not really feeling it.

I always think of my style as being pretty concrete, yet i can never really describe it and it's not something at the forefront of my mind when i shop, i buy what i like and it somehow all fits together. But having the childlike nature that i have i am prone to random bursts of wanting to play dress up or just letting things like clouds (yes, clouds) inspire my outfit choices.
Last night was a cloud night. The sunset was a stunner, big fluffy golden and pink clouds and big patches of bright blue sky, the kind of blue you want to eat 'cos it looks so good.
I threw on my new H&M dress (which I'd like to say is for sure more of a top and i shall not be wearing it out with anything less than leggings) and then decided to wear a long forgotten waistcoat and light tan cowboys with it. I liked it, but something felt a bit odd, i put this down to the large glass of wine I'd had and carried on.

I enjoyed my night thoroughly and my outfit in now way held me back, but it is definitely one that i'll look back on and it'll stick out as not being in line with other stuff or not being as well put together or not being as flattering, that doesn't bother me, it just made me think.

What Friday Night Taught Me is that i will never be able to pin my style down exactly, some days i have the balls to wear two prints, others i go for simplicity, sometimes i feel girlie others not, and sometimes, just sometimes; i want to dress like a pink sunset cloud mixed in with a train conductor and a cowboy ballerina. Style is a extension of your personality after all, an expression of who you are, so does it really matter if every day you dress like your from a different decade? Nope. As long as you're happy and doing your thaang.


  1. I like this outfit, but the seam on the shirt that hits right across your boobs coupled with the waistcoat don't work for me, seems a little awkward. But I do love the long tunic, waistcoat, leggings and cowboy boot thing as a whole ;)

  2. that line hits just in the wrong spot. it's not as bad in person but it doesn't photo well.
    i don't know who this shrunken babydoll hem thing does look good on, seriously, it kinda sucks cos a lot of stuff has it.