Wednesday, 14 July 2010

OOTD:Film Night

So it's raining like nobodies business here.
But luckily all is well because i have plans to rent a movie with my dear friend Mr. Zeke.
We're going for Shutter Island, as long as Blockbuster have copies left.

So i know film night isn't really a big deal and I'm only leaving the house to rent a film but i love the outfit I've thrown on so I'm showing it off!
Apologies for the over flashed pictures, but the rain = no light.


The t-shirt was part of my recent ASOS Curve haul and i love it!! I have the fox print t-shirt which i also love but this is amazing.
The jersy is so soft and lovely and i love peacocks so the print is, ahh, amazing!
I'm not sure about the purple and yellow colours on it but worn like this with all black it doesn't really bother me.

Oh and due to it being a more moderate temperature (meaning my makeup doesn't melt off as soon as i put it on) i made an effort with makeup today:


i'm so addicted to posting so i'll be back very soon : )
peace and love.

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  1. you look super cute, gave you an award on my blog, check it out! :) <3