Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Okay so when it comes to clothes/bags/shoes/etc and deciding what i want need i get inspiration from a ton of different places.
Sometimes it's stuff i already own, or a picture in a magazine or on a web page. A lot of the time it is blogs run by you lovely people out there and people on the street.
Other sources of inspiration include famous people, films, books and TV and things like Pirates or a certain historical period or theatre costumes or cultural style.
I told you, a ton of places, the list goes on and on.

Really this post is mostly a jumble of pictures of stuff I'll buy, pretty things and expensive things but personally this is an important process for me, i work out what i love and how I'm going to work things into my current wardrobe and mash trends into my personal style.

I know the ripping up magazines and mood boarding method is quite common but what i wonder is if anyone has other methods?

I don't religiously do this but it certainly helps me be more realistic about what i can afford and fit into my existing collection, especially when there are a lot of amazing things like there are this A/W.

This week is super quiet for me hence the lack of OOTD posts. I know i look forward to those posts quite a bit on blogs i follow so i hope this stuff I'm writing is quality, I'm pretty happy with, and proud of how much it makes sense considering the mess it is in my head : D

Peace & Love.


  1. totally feeling thise!! :D esp. florals lol LOVE florals. :D

    check it out misses, if you havent already heard of it! x