Friday, 23 July 2010

Vogue August

Just some scanned in pictures and personal opinions.

First up, i love the idea that fashion is inspired by not only the eccentricity of people and life and art but also the reality and practicality of it. And i felt like these pictures summed that up quite well. It is pretty strange to read about comfortable simple fashion then to see a model wearing those shoes on the next page.

That is a beautiful thing to say Ralph Lauren but timeless beauty is not this:
You know I'm right.

To end on a high not these are things i loved.
(apologies for the fact this is 3 scanned in pics merged together)

Love how curvy and REAL this model looks. I know it's the fabric but Louis Vuitton's A/W collection, as Marc Jacobs himself said, was all about celebrating the woman and i feel like the cuts and silhouettes did that even if the models were still typically petite.

Shoes by Alexander McQueen. I'll leave it at that.


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