Sunday, 18 July 2010

Accessories Sunday No. 2

The second Accessories Sunday is dedicated to my vast collection of scarves. (I have not included chunky wintry knitted scarves as i wanted to do a separate Sunday on winter accessories IE. hats scarves gloves)
I've just finished photo-documenting my collection and i gotta say there weren't as many as i thought. I was assuming I'd have to split scarfs over two Sundays but i only own 17, which doesn't sound obscene to me.
There are only 16 pictured because one is in the wash.

1: This was a present from Lauren, it's orange one side and red the other. It's one of my favourites.
2: Details on this OOTD
3: From the same place as 2, I'm a sucker for animal print and this was a more subtle way to get it into my wardrobe.

4: H&M men's section, it;s really long and it's actually made of, netting-y stuff. Like really loose knit jersey.
5:Zara Menswear, this is the perfect summer scarf, really lightweight. And fits nicely with the grunge revival that's going on i think.
6: Another H&M men's section find. I own this in plain black too but it's being washed.
I think Menswear is a really good place to find nice scarves, they're always a bit longer (which is how i like 'em, and often; cheaper.

7: This is from New Look. I like patterns based on old embroidery or blackwork which is why i got this. Plus it's another good summer scarf.
8: I got this in H&M and it's the only scarf i own which isn't long. It's a huge square and not what i typically go for but i couldn't resist the print.
9: I love stars a lot so bought this without hesitation when i saw it in Dorothy Perkins.

10, 11 and 12: All from a market stall in Exeter, 3 for £10 pashminas. They're just a really nice length and add a bit of colour and cool to a basic jeans and tee combo.

13: From Zara, it has tiny little stars all over it and the length is really nice but the material wrinkles up way too much, so this might get sent to a charity shop soon.
14: I wear quite a bit of black so love texture or patterns when i buy black stuff hence why this appealed. It was from H&M, i buy a lot of scarves from there and i think the day i bought this i got 2 others too!

15: From a shop i love called Firkins in Exeter. It's actually a sarong and came in a little bag.
16: Is from a beach shop in Exmouth which is the closest beach to where i live (15 - 20 minutes on a train) and it too is a sarong.
I just think that sarongs make good scarves for my because i like length.

My obsession with scarves started when i decided it was the best way to put colour and pattern into my wardrobe, this is a while back, when i was living in dark jeans and t-shirts.
And even as i got more educated about clothes and confident with my style i still loved them.
At the height of my addiction i must have had 40 scarves/sarongs/half saris.
I personally see scarves as being very bohemian and sort of 60's/70's rock and roll. For example look at Keith Richards, reigning king of headscarves. And Steven Tyler and his love for tying scarves to his mic stand. Then there is that scene in Almost Famous where they drape the scarves all over the motel room! (i love that film)
I love shopping for scarves at markets, vintage stores, charity shops and what i call "hippy" stores; these normally smell of incense, sell silver jewellery and have walls lined with scarves!
Okay so i could go on and on but I'm going to very swiftly skip to what I'd like to add to the collection.

For years I've wanted a McQueen Skull Scarf. It's one item from a small select list I'd happily blow a whole bunch of money on. I have however been looking for a really good cheap copy but haven't yet found one I'm 100% happy with.
I also would like a Louis Vuitton Rose Scarf which is also on the very small select list mentioned above.
Apart from those two there are no others i know i want.
But then scarves normally find me as i am walking through a shop or market and tell me to buy them.
: )

So, that is scarves over and done with.
I hope it wasn't too much of a bore. If you guys think there is any way i could make this feature-y thing better, let me know!

Until next time.

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