Sunday, 25 July 2010

Accessories Sunday No. 3

So what I've decided to do this week is show some of my favourite pieces of jewellery. They are all sterling silver and/or semi precious stones.
I don't completely ignore high street jewellery and i do own a few things but i do pretty much live in silver.
All of my stud earrings are silver and the majority of my rings and necklaces are.
I think sterling silver is an affordable luxury. It's not hugely expensive, it's beautiful and it's a pleasure to know that your necklace won't turn green or leave a massive mark on your skin.
Plus silver jewellery goes with almost everything so it's a faithful ally.

I bought this ring in Glastonbury when me and dad went Christmas//Solstice shopping there. Some of the best silver shops ever are in that town!

This pendant was a present from my friend, she had been given it but said it didn't suit her so passed it on to me. I can't remember what stone it is but the colour is beautiful.

I bought this because of the shell in it, i loved that big black line running right across, it gets worn a lot!

This is the necklace i wear the most. I clipped two chains together to make it longer. The W stands for Wilkinson, my last name, it reminds me of my family whenever i look at it. The ring is Indian silver and i loved the detail on it but it's tiny so i wear it on this necklace. The box was something i picked up in a tiny little shop in Exeter and i dunno, i just thought it was cute and a slightly different piece of peace symbol jewellery.

This pendant was my grandmother's. I wrote about it in this outfit post.

My dad bought me this pendant. It's green amethyst and it means a lot to me. I don't wear it a huge amount but it's still a favourite.

A couple of things I'd like to get are a turquoise and silver ring, a long silver chain and two charms: an acorn and a thimble.
The acorn and thimble thing is a reference to Peter Pan which is one of my favourite books.

A lot of the jewellery i own is very personal and special to me, i think i choose things that reflect my personality like i do with clothes.
I adore vintage, especially brooches. And i love charms, silver charms, I'm like a magpie for them.
I love big statement stuff for dressing up. It makes me feel like a pirate who's raided the treasure : )
But i do wear smaller things when I'm feeling like a more casual pirate!

I very rarely wear gold. Number one i think cheap gold jewellery is the worst for going green and number two i just don't like gold. If the outfit calls for it i have some stuff i might wear but normally it's silver or nothing.
Do you guys prefer silver or gold? Or are you a lover of both?

The other thing i wanted to cover quickly was size. Being a large person, i have large fingers and so have to have a lot of the rings i buy sized up to fit. I find that clothes store jewellery lines run quite small size wise, especially rings and bracelets. Does anyone else have issues finding stuff that fits?

Until next time.

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