Wednesday, 28 July 2010

OOTD: Mesh Leggings On The Roof

Photo credit goes to this guy:
His name is Zeke and i know he aint plus size, but the boy has style and he surely makes my evenings and outfit posts more interesting.

Now for the self portrait and better for showing what i had on picture (taken by me with help from my tripod)

I bought these leggings a couple weeks back and aside from trying them on i haven't worn them but; ohh man they are comfy. I wanted them so much when i first saw them (being a serial leggings wear and wanting to own some that were slightly different to plain black or grey) but was unsure about the placement of the mesh so held out until they went into the sale and to be perfectly honest, even if i had of paid full price they'd have been worth it. But i didn't pay full price so I'm 50 million times happier!
The other thing i wish to rave about is this shirt. It was £16 in tesco, it has amazing stud detail on the shoulders, the length is great, it's comfy and it sure as hell makes the DP plain black skater dress more interesting!

I know a lot of ladies bought these leggings. Did y'all like them? Or have you discovered some other interesting pairs? Because I'd love to expand my collection!

Peace & Love.


  1. I really love that denim vest/shirt. The stud detail is great. And those leggings are super fun! I want a pair.


  2. Im in love with this look, but esp. the leggings, fierce girl! <3

  3. I have these leggings and I love them. I love the newest leggings in the Curve range too, I need a pair! I love your style and I'm so jealous you look amazing in a skater dress, the ones I tried on looked terrible ;( apparently I love everything today LOL

  4. Thank you ladies!
    I love reading comments, highlight of my day much!!

    stephanie are you talking about the jersey panel legging? i love them, i really love them! You have great taste!
    I tried skater dresses from every shop, i really did and only evans and dorothy perkins ones were comfortable even though the cut was the same everywhere so i'm sure it's about the fabric. I don't really know how that helps but i thought i'd say it!

    : D

  5. I just placed my first ASOS order yesterday, and I knew I should have included these! THey look fab on you!


  6. Great outfit, you wear those leggings so well. Cute tattoo on your foot too.