Sunday, 11 July 2010

Accessories Sunday No.1

So, i have decided, over the next few Sundays, to do a bit of a feature on my personal collection of accessories.
I'll post what i own, info about each item and things I'd like to add to my collection.

The first Accessories Sunday is going to belong to:
my insane collection of sunglasses and other glasses.
(please excuse the bed hair, it is a Sunday after all : D) (oh and, I'm pulling a bass face in the first picture which is why i look a bit strange)

The top pair are Primark from last year, they were my favourites for a long time but do look a bit too small for my head, however they were only £1 and have lasted a long time.
The other pair are from New Look and with various discounts and offers only cost me £3-ish which is great considering Topshop are selling these for somewhere around £15.
They are my new favourites!!

These all came from Primark fairly recently and all cost £1, i did have a black pair too which were my go to sunnies but they broke as i was taking these pictures : (
Have you spotted a bit of a theme? Like, cheap retro style glasses are my favourite!
I have to say until these i pretty much stuck religiously to black so it's nice to inject some colour, I'm really diggin pastel accessories right now.

This is my collection of straight up, non sun, glasses. I have near perfect vision so they're all fake.
The top and bottom pairs are more costume things, but the middle pair have been worn quite a few times with everyday outfits.
The whole geek/fake glasses trend appealed to me a lot because since i was a kid i loved wearing glasses, i always knocked lenses out of sunnies and wore grandma's half moon specs. Dunno why, just liked it.

Finally we have my "Feel the Love" Glasses.
Top pair were 98p in Primark, bottom pair, the XXL Feel the Love Glasses, were free from Tesco because i found them on a shelf with no barcode and customer services said it wasn't a Tesco product so i could take them (AMAZING!!)

I do have one more pair of sunnies i just remembered about, they are a £5 Tesco version of the round frame half tint Chanel's from a couple years back.
I love these, a lot, but can't find them right now so no picture I'm afraid!

Right, now for my wish list.
As you can see i do not need any more sunglasses, but i do however want more.
I want a pair of Aviators that look right on my face, but finding these is like finding a needle in a haystack.
I'd also like THESE, but i refuse to drop £120 on sunnies.
And i also love THESE, and will, i think, be purchasing them soon!

So that's a wrap on my first Accessories Sunday. I think it went well.
And if you think i have a problem with collecting sunglasses, wait until i cover my scarves!!


  1. great blog you have <3 //new follower

  2. thank you so much.
    i only just started but i'm loving it!
    just checked out your illustrations, they're so good, loved the crystal renn; obviously : D