Monday, 19 July 2010

Pretty In Pink

I had myself a little future panic this afternoon, concerning university and other things. I felt the need to calm myself with biscuits and films so sat down and watched Pretty In Pink.

I love the 80's and did a 20 minute version of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night for my A Level Drama Exam that was set in the glorious 1980's and one of the things i loved the most about doing it was designing and sourcing the costumes. (I loved it so much I'm hoping to direct//creative direct a full length version some time soon)

Now, the 80's is sometimes referred to as the time that fashion forgot, and i may not completely channel the early Madonna look myself, but i love the styles of the time. There were so many and i love the extravagance and glamour and eccentricity of it all.

These are some stills from Pretty In Pink that show some of the best outfits.

And it's not just this film i love. I'm a massive John Hughes fan.
The Breakfast Club is another favourite.
And Weird Science too.

Anyone else out there love the 80's?
I know i'm not the only one : )



  1. I love all John Hughes films! My favourite has to be Ferris Bueller's Day Off though. I watch it about once a month :)

    I love some styles from the 80s, especially the new wave/new romance look.

  2. I love the 80's. I agree with Elizabeth about Ferris Bueller. My all time favorite though is 16 candles.

  3. I love the 80's! I really should see this movie, looks awesome :)

  4. everyone loves Ferris : )
    still need to see 16 candles, i feel so ashamed that i haven't.

    love new wave.
    and i shamelessly adore huge shoulder pads and giant porno hair.
    "i used 8 cans of hairspray and broke two combs to get this do" hair.