Saturday, 9 October 2010

OOTD: Clashing Prints


Okay, so, most subtle example ever of clashing prints but still; I'm wearing two different patterns people, huge steps have been made!
Not entirely sure what i'm doing in the top picture, probably trying to look all nonchalant despite the fact that inside my head all i'm thinking is 10 second self timer is too fast, must buy remote, must buy remote.
I only put a nice outfit on today because i went to town to pick up my new bike (£200 gone because when i bought my original one i was too stupid to know that I'd need more than 6 gears) I honestly haven't left the house much recently apart from work (sad, i have no friends) so there have been no missed OOTD opportunities.
I've posted on this dress before here, in case you want some back story! The scarf is lovely, someone waiting in the loooooong line to pay had just left it on a rack and i stumbled across it and gave it a home. The colours in it inspired my little thumb nail flower:

Quick thing to mention: hit up the ASOS Curve sale ladies because it is amazing. Just bought a new coat and top. You can actually see a bit of the coat hanging up behind me in the top two pictures. But seriously, i paid less than £50 for the two, and the prices have since gone down again (GRRRR) so yeah, crack out the plastic!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I've got cycling, tidying and film watching planned, wild; i know!



  1. You're so cute! I love the clashing prints!

  2. The scarf is lovely! And I love your hairdo :)

  3. fab!! great look on you, I love that you are mixing prints, I love doing that too :)

  4. thank you! if your blog is anything to go by, you're like, the queen of mixing prints : ) x