Sunday, 17 October 2010

Spending Money Is Naughty

I'm not in debt or anything, i just don't want to reach the end of the month and have nothing. I undoubtedly will though.
Oooh, look, pretty things, just what i need to ease the pain of being poor.

Numero Uno. I bought these beautiful shoes yesterday. How long have i desperately wanted brogues? Too Bloody Long. These are less detailed than i would have liked in an ideal world, but the deal breaker for me was the fact they were real leather with a good solid heel and sole, which will hopefully equate to years of use!
Animal PJ Bottoms in the background, maybe I'll wear them with my new shoes?!

The three words i love to see.

Next Up is my new dress. £14.99, H&M, size 18.
My very much loved ASOS Curve cream floaty number got stained when my silly father thought it was pink and washed it with a red sheet (i actually shed a tear). No amount of wishing or colour remover would restore it and it was sold out in cream so I decided to keep an eye for something to replace it.
This dress in many ways is better. It's longer in the back (love) and has sleeves (love). I did have to adjust the seams on the sleeves, they were way too tight and i know the quality isn't as good as ASOS but i think despite those things, it's a winner.

Finally another H&M purchase in the shape of a scarf.
Isn't it just amazing!?! It's got a weird ass new and fresh from the sweatshop factory smell but seriously, it is stunning.

These items will undoubtedly feature in many future OOTD's so watch out for em.

Pretty successful shopping trip really. I'm right out of ££ now though so frugal living for the rest of the month. I did however get £5 off the shoes because it was like, shoe day in Evans or something. Awesome.


  1. oooo I love these finds! look forward to seing you working them :) might look for that dress my self, and the scarf too, very cool with the prints :)

  2. thank you : )
    you could do something awesome with this dress, your DIY's are insane! x

  3. I have that H&M dress! I love it, however, it wrinkles really, really easily. x

  4. tell me about it. i tried it on once before this picture. look at the sleeves!! x

  5. good picks! yes spending money is very naughty, I spent so much yesterday. looking forward to seeing ootd with your new purchases.

  6. i LOVE your brogues, i have some similar in brown, i know they are part of the whole manish shoes thing thats in this season, but i feel so feminine in mine.