Monday, 8 November 2010

The Return Of The Morgaine

Sorry if you were hoping for Morgaine to be Jedi and a that this was going to be a Star Wars inspired post. I'm gonna have to leave you sorely disappointed.

It's just me, back from my trip to Birmingham.

I had a really good trip, seeing lovely people, spending too much money and drinking too much alcohol.
I was hoping to return with a shed load of pictures but i really didn't take many, too much exciting stuff going on i guess!

Here's a selection of pictures:
 Yo! Sushi
 Chicken Katsu
Tofu Salad, in case you haven't guessed yet, i'm not a big fish eater!
Urban Outfitters
Man Repeller
I Make...
...Amazing Pizza
Phillip, not intoxicated at all.

I only managed to take one set of OOTD pictures, which is a shame because i think i made a pretty good effort clothes wise, but what happened happened and here is my one OOTD shot from the day we went to visit Cath's Dad (who's totally like an uncle to me) we also popped to Tesco to buy pizza stuff and hangover brekkie food, you all know supermarkets are the place to showcase your amazing style.


Showing off my new brogues! Now they're all worn in and the leather is all buttery and warm they are so comfy, any of you thinking of getting a pair of these or other real leather shoes do not be scared if they feel a fraction too tight, in my experience leather shoes always stretch out and mould to your feet.
I've worn this dress a ton of different ways, between that, the fact it was £15 and the quality of it; i for sure consider it one of my best buys from ASOS Curve.
The blazer is nothing super special, just a black over sized number. Sometimes i love it, sometimes i think it makes me look so broad i could be The Incredible Hulk's shoulder stunt double.
My face is all moody and what not here, i was in a rush to get out the door and had taken quite long enough as it was, and even though i'd taken my time i still forgot mascara, pfftt.

I hit up the Bullring whilst in Brum and had a lovely time shopping, bought myself the most amazing pair of boots (they're so great I'm doing a separate post on them) and a fisheye camera (took shit loads of pics on that but it's film so you'll have to wait until they're developed).
Stephanie mentioned on my goodbye post that i should look out for the Forever 21 location, i didn't get her comment until yesterday but i did spot it and promptly had a fit of excitement in the shopping center, thank god it was a Thursday and not very busy. Catherine, my host for the week and beautiful friend (pictured above) is probably gonna have to deal with me visiting way more often once the store opens.

I'm 99% sure i have said everything there is to say and shown all the pictures there are to show so i'm off.
After nearly a week of not blogging, or even going online, all this typing and looking at a screen is hurting me, tea break well and truly needed!


  1. Looks like a good time to me! I can't wait for my getaway this weekend just to eat and laze around so I am really hoping my cough will go away and not leave me purple in a 5 hours coach ride.

    I heart the lace dress but I am always scared that it will catch onto the chair, my necklace, my bag etc because i am accident-prone like that.

  2. Glad you had a good trip - you look lovely!

  3. Those Margaritas look so gud feel like having one now...