Sunday, 21 November 2010


The Style369 Edition.

This e-store still has a ways to go as far as i'm concerned. I wanted big girl's Topshop, thus far I'm getting Evans with a Hint of Big Girl's Market Stall and the occasional beautiful product mashed in.
I'm not wildly disappointed, yet.

On to the good shit.

Is there anything you guys really like from this website? And do you feel similar to me about the range of things they're selling?

On a side note i am far less rushed and panic-y than i was and have done a whole load of uni application stuff hence why i had the time to research and create this little post : )


  1. I love the feather dress.

    All-in-all I like Style 369, it seems to be getting better the longer it's around too, so hopefully it will be amazing soon!

    I like these..

    But they're not really screaming at me..

  2. good choices! i loved the red top but never wear red so decided against it. it's one of those colours i'm always drawn to but never actually want to put on!

    hopefully it will get better with time; like you say.
    it just kills me to go on topshop and see a ton of things i want that i can't make fit!


  3. I love the feather dress and even ordered it! The birdcage maxi dress is on my "I want" list.

  4. i love the birdcage maxi. just don't do jersey maxi dresses, the fabric doesn't work on me when it's that long.

    i'll have to keep an eye out for you to do an ootd on that dress, i'm super interested to see what it looks like on a non plastic person : )


  5. I want some boots like these!!! nice spot! xxx