Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Shopping in Seattle: Vol. 3

These are the things i've picked up on my last couple of trips out to the main shopping area of Downtown Seattle, i'm shocked at how much i've spent but i wanted all these things, will use all of them and i earned the money i came with so no buyers remorse here. All prices are before tax which from what i can work out is just under 10% here. It took me a long time to get used to the whole adding tax gig.

I don't normally spend this much on deo, but i've wanted this for ages and you can't get it at home so i figured why the fuck not? Not used it yet but i'll let you know how good it is. I loved how they wrapped it in tissue, i'm like "that shit is going on my pits, it's not diamonds"

I didn't even know they made sharpies this colour! I always carry a black fine line without fail. I guess now my toilet graffiti err i mean drawing, is gonna get interesting.

 TOP & DRESS - $17.80 & $19.80 - FOREVER 21
F21 literally just opened in dowtown Seattle so i went in and decided these'd be perfect additions to my summer wardrobe. The thing i can't get over is that the top on the left is a 3X and the dress on the right is an L, yet they both fit pretty spot on, i mean the L is a little small but not as small as it should be judging by how the 3X fits.

These are my real: holiday splurge/early birthday present to self/i'm not taking dollars back home purchase. They are the Dr. M's Darcie boot in a size 9 and if any of you want a comfortable, long lasting and nice lookin pair of boots i recommend these.

TOP & SKIRT - $9.95 & $5.95 - H&M
Just a basic baggy short tee in navy and white, size L and a striped jersey mini skirt size M. The whole baggy top with tight short skirt is probably gonna be my summer uniform (aside from the usual printed dresses).

SKIRT & TOP - $5.95 & $24.95 - also H&M
Same as before with the skirt except this is plain black, i get these in a Medium because after a couple washes they stretch and the Large doesn't stay as tight as i like for tube skirts. The top is cute, the detailing you see is on the chest and the scalloped edges are on the sleeves which are batwing.

BAG - $20 - H&M
Yeah, i went a bit wild in H&M huh? It was nice, i don't get to go crazy shopping often and didn't even get to do it here at the start of my trip (sensible spending at the start has lead to sprees at the end!) This was on the sale pile and i liked it so i got it, simple. 

So this, i'm told, is a Washington Wizards jersey. I bought it purely so i can look gangsta while i clean or go to the supermarket or do my hair or chill in my garden. I would have got a Bulls or Lakers jersey because i actually know those teams but they wanted crazy money for those. Poor Wizards, banished to the sale!

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  1. There is a Forever21 in the Bullring too - the only one in the UK i'm told! I love it, bought a lovely floral 21+ summer jumper which I'm really pleased with :-)
    x x x x