Sunday, 22 May 2011

OOTD: Brian Fantana

So i didn't get a single shot of my clothing last night, i was having too much fun, i hope this makes up for it though! I'm not actually that hungover, more tired due to sleeping on my friend's floor for less than 6 hours, but whenever i wake up from a night out i always think of that scene in Anchorman


Yeah, still wearing yesterday's make-up, rock and roll baby.
I have been dying to show y'all this dress. I bought it the weekend i got back from the states for £9, god i missed Primark; yes it's busy and messy and not exactly consistent but you can score some serious bargains! I bought the top in America and saw no one wearing it there but since i've got back i've seen 10 people in it, random fact but i thought you should know : )
I really need to learn how to knot t-shirts better, this one ain't to bad but sometimes it looks terrible when i do it, srsly terrible.
I'm not wearing any shoes, because i'm a free spirit flower child (as i announced to the whole of Topshop yesterday when i walked around the store wearing 3 flower headbands which, for the record, i did not buy)

The more i look at it the more i am loving double stripes! And the thing about it is i threw this on. I packed the dress in my bag yesterday to wear on the drive home and when i got in i put the t-shirt over it. I didn't plan it or think about what i was doing i just chucked it on.
I swear some of the best outfits happen when you put no conscious effort into dressing yourself : )


  1. oh man, do i ever know what its like waking up still a little drunk on someones floor! lol but you look pretty unlike me, where i scare little children on the way home :D ...this combo of stripes and colors is amazing. love it! :)


  2. you look super chic in this outfit :D

  3. thank you loveies : )

    and believe me when i say that this was fluke, i normally scare people with my hangovers too! xx