Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Alive and Kicking

What an amazing weekend i had! I didn't take a single picture though : /
I went camping/reenacting. I really should post some pictures of what i wear whilst doing my little historical bit, i suppose that would tie in quite nicely with the theme of BMB. I'm off again in couple of weeks so i'll remember to be snap happy then.

I'm pretty sure it was Memorial Day Weekend for those of you in the US so like us lot here in Olde England you got a long weekend. I hope it was fabulous for each and every one of you!
From what i've seen and heard from friends across the pond you guys had awesome weather.
Ours wasn't too bad but i did get rained on and nearly froze to death in my tent on Monday night: damn you cold front coming in from the east!

I'm super pumped to do a good half week of posting now i'm back and well rested (nothing like your own bed and a good hot shower!)

Mucho Amor Lovelies : )

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