Tuesday, 14 June 2011

OOTD: Bricks

Yes, my garden is a mess. Problem? Take it up with my dad and his arm length list of unfinished DIY projects!
Despite the fact i had to pose with building materials i couldn't resist the amazing natural light we had outside, it is a bona fide be-a-utiful day...
...and i decided to wear black and grey.


So i feel like i've lost all my fashion mojo at the moment. I guess i used it all up on that double stripes hit from a couple weeks back (which has been reblogged on tumblr 87 times, go me!! :D)
I'm living in easy, comfy and fairly boring outfits which i know means terrible viewing/reading for you guys so i'm sorry and hopefully i can get back into the swing of things asap. Think i just need a good shop, or that's the excuse i'll use anyways.

I'd like to think that my slick of pink lipstick made this outfit a bit more summery than it otherwise would have been. And for those who might want to know it's a Barry M lippy which i think is called Punk Pink, maybe.
Or maybe i just lade that up, who knows!!


  1. love the top! do you mind me asking what clothing size you wear? we have quite similar body shapes and im curious

  2. I love your specs! and My garden needs to be tended. eh, tomorrow :)
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  3. xxamymxx - i wear anything from a 16 to a 26 but right now i think i mostly fit a 22 or 24 for trousers and more fitted items.

    and thanks laura : ) they were dirt cheap! x