Monday, 20 June 2011

Babeliest Babes



Saturday night was a total babe-fest! Me and my lovely Lauren went on a wild night out to drink and dance and laugh and eat bad drunk food. It was so beautiful i'm kinda sad it ended.
I'd had this outfit planned in my head for so, soooo long i was more than happy to get the chance to wear it. It's definitely one of my favourites that i've put together! I also styled Lauren for the evening, which is why she's wearing my shoes (i made her wear heels because those wedges make me crazy tall)
Speaking of shoes, i am dying to get my hands on more platform wedges: if anyone can recommend any that would be great i need at least a UK 9 and don't want to burn a hole in my purse : )

We did a proper little photo shoot so this is about to get seriously picture heavy, we just both decided, in a non stuck up our own arses way, that we looked awesome, even named ourselves Babe-raham Lincoln and Babe-ak Obama for the evening.
Oh man i love all girl nights out!



  1. you both look lovely! i really like the sheers top over a dress i may have to try it! :)

    i love girly nights out xx

  2. I love the sheer top over your dress! Very cute!

  3. Babe ak Obama! I am dying lmao! You both look amazing though that is true. I adore the top over the dress. I just got some 5in platform heels from NL they were like £16/17 with student discount too!

  4. thanks for the comments lovely ladies : )

    and cheers for the shoe tip steph! i did have a look on the other day but i hate thier new shoe gallery with a passion! i much preferred the old shoe web pages : /