Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Tie Dye For

Let me tell ya: It's post titles like that, that make me think i should give this all up for a life of stand up comedy gigging!

Out of nowhere i have become intensely obsessed with tie dye. I don't know what's happening or where this has come from but i'm craving it. I am craving Tie Dye.
Too many bad 90's t-shirts mean i'm steering clear of most colourful stuff. Dark blues, black, grey and white are my favourites. Those same bad 90's t-shirts mean i'm also much more into simpler patterns, no stars or spirals, just stripes and splodges.

I love these £22 Topshop leggings a whole lot:

But, i think, i desperately need me, a Tie Dye Maxi!
Y'all know i've been living in maxi skirts/dresses recently, they have undoubtedly become my summer wardrobe staple! With that in mind and this whole hippy tie dye obsession going on i have decided (spurred on by this Micheal Kors number) to DIY myself a Tye Die Maxi Masterpiece. It's going to be epic!
I get paid on Thursday so i'm gonna go shopping for all my ingredients and then i think this weekend might well be the weekend. I plan to fully document the process and outcome so look forward to a post on that next week!
If any of you lovely people have DIY-ed a maxi or tie-dyed before, tips would be greatly appreciated. I can sew, and i did some tie-dye when i was like, 7, so i feel pretty confident, but i like to over prepare so flood me with advice please : )

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  1. Love the leggings... Now good luck with the maxi, if it all goes well I may follow suit!

    http://bellyandbone.blogspot.com/ <3