Sunday, 19 June 2011



Oh ASOS, you tease!
I am positively bereft of money right now and you put out this! That's just mean.

I actually saw a grey jersey version of this in Primark the other day, i was tempted by it but decided against due to it not being black and it not being long enough - i like my maxi's to be floor length, i actually don't mind if they drag a bit, just so long as they don't trip me up : )

As much as i love this my only issue is how to style it. This is where not being able to try it on in a shop really bums me out. I'm not 100% sure i'd like the whole wear it high waisted and tuck your top in look on myself so i'd want to check i could comfortably wear it other ways before blowing the dollar on it, y'know?
I'm all for Internet shopping and i have a long and beautiful relationship with Internet shopping, but sometimes i just wish it could do what the high st shops can!


  1. ASOS is a total tease right now I completely agree!

    Right now I'm fawning over:

    Now if only I can win the lottery!

  2. love your choices! I could do with a lottery win too : ) x