Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Face Full of Glitter

I got very bored earlier and my boredom resulted in this. I think it's the Glastonbury buzz that's going on, i wish i was going but due to Seattle i had to give the festival summer another postponement. But that's fine, who needs Glasto when you can have a rave in your garden?? (totally gonna do that this weekend!)

To top off my festival look i got dressed, i'd been painting in my undies all afternoon. Maybe that's too much info but it's undeniably practical: no paint stained clothes! Anyway, i put this on:


I have got major love for Primark maxi dresses. £9 a pop, amazing range of colours and the length is perfect for me! This purple one is probably my favourite, maybe, or maybe this one is.
I wasn't sure i'd ever wear this top, as much as i love it i just couldn't style it to a point i was comfy with but as of 2 hours ago - problem solved! I'm really into the layered maxi thing, i've been doing it every other day recently!
"Where are you going in this outfit?" I hear you ask. Well, if you must know, i'm going to be my room listening to dubstep.
I'm just one girl, covered in glitter, rockin out against the world.


  1. oooo wow super cute! Love it :)


  2. oo I love this! I have that top & have no idea how to wear it, I tried it over a maxi but it didn't look half as good as this.

  3. thank you guys! : )

    what colour maxi did you try steph? i really want to do this over a black one, as a texture experiment type thing! think it would work really well tucked in to a high waisted maxi skirt