Monday, 3 December 2012

Getting Festive


I went to Birmingham Christmas Market again this year, just like last year. There's a shit load of pictures from the day on Instagram (check the links to your right!). It's become a tradition for me and my housemate :) I bought a stupid amount of warm winter-y goods including this jumper and then, as we decided it was apt to do so on December 1st, when we got home we put the tree up. We called it Uni X-Mas Eve and the next day we had a pretty epic roast cooked by moi as it was, obviously, Uni X-Mas Day (that's when these pictures were taken).
It's really nice to set aside a bit of time to spend with my Worcester Family for christmas-y things, we played board games and everything, before heading back to Exeter for the actual holidays :)

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