Sunday, 2 October 2011

Dans Ma Chambre

Making sure my room looked and felt home-y and comfortable to be in was my number one priority when i moved to uni. My room at home is my sanctuary and i wanted my space here to be the same. These are a few photos i took yesterday morning when the lovely (albeit a bit late) sunshine was streaming in through my window.
From top to bottom:
Hand carved and hand painted wooden owl (with books behind)
Buddha and my crystals
Some English Civil War Propaganda i made, the frame was originally grey!
Bears, Books and a Bottle of Rum
a pin board that showcases art by the likes of Banksy, Duane Bryers, Me and a 5 year old i babysit.
Bird, Flowers, Sunglasses
Día de los Muertos figurines & make-up
Tea and a re-used soup can (high five for recycling)


  1. I love the soup can idea!! So cool definitely having tomato soup for lunch tomorrow!

    Annest X

  2. I love your Día de los Muertos figurines!