Monday, 31 October 2011

Home Time

For the first time since i moved up here about 7 weeks ago i am going home to beautiful, lovely Devon AKA The Shire.
I'm very excited to have 5 days in very comfortable surroundings and i'm even more excited to spend a huge amout of time with my Dad : D and of course my greatly missed friends too!

Thought i'd do a little OOTD today and drafted my flatmate in for help taking the photos (TIP: don't mention you did photography A-Level to a blogger who's having issues taking self portraits, you will become an unpaid member of staff) It was proper grey and raining so we only took a few but i'm pretty happy all the same.


I have pretty much lived in this cardigan since buying it, it's so easy to wear in a million different ways, i just can't help myself. The booots are new too, at £15 they were quite the bargain and i'm pretty happy that Primark has started doing wide fitting size 9 shoes! I Made these earrings years ago out of two shell necklaces from Tesco and i tend to wear them a lot when i have my hair up.

I'm gonna aim to do an OOTD every day until Friday whilst i'm back at home with my lovely spacious room and blank walls and i'll either post as i do them or leave it til next week.

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  1. I have this cardigan! It smells dodgy as hell (not from me btw) but I cba washing it