Tuesday, 1 November 2011


first things first, let me say this:
and this:

now, with the formalities out of the way, i'll get to rounding up my month!

October, much like September has been busy. My course at university really got going in terms of work load and assessments and finding my place in Worcester and in a new group of people took a lot of time too. The last 2 months have been a lot of hard work so it's harder for me to write a super positive review of the month than it was earlier in the year. However, despite the hard work and other difficult shit that has gone down i'm really enjoying myself and seeing a lot of payback for the effort i'm putting in!
For example in my first practical assessment (a physical theatre piece), me and the rest of my group got an A-, i smiled til my face was sore after that! And because i'm completely at peace with making a tit out of myself in the interests of artistic endeavour and being awesome at life, here is a picture of me in character for said assessment, i was a crazy tea lady who was in love with her boss:

So basically; September and especially October have made me remember and value lessons i learnt long ago:
Optimism, Perseverance and Giving 100% to the stuff you love and are passionate for.

Extremely Random Picture Selection, from top to bottom:
1 - Spot the Squirrel
2 - Nacho Night
3 - Nails inspired by the patterns on my new coat (which i'll post on very soon, fingers crossed!)
6 - Bacon Weave
7 - My Massive Mystery Bruise
8 - Worcester in the Sunshine
9 - I Cooked (another) Roast Dinner


  1. looks like a whole lot of fun here :) you look super cute! love the pics :)


  2. I used to get a lot of mystery bruises in uni. I blame £1 double and mixers!x

  3. Excellent crazy tea lady, love the Angelos Epithemiou-esque sainsbury's bag!

  4. thanks for the comments lovelies.

    and sara: didn't think about that but good shout! my biggest inspo. style wise was probably julie walters in dinnerladies :) x