Saturday, 19 November 2011

over & over & over

Yeah, i wore the burgundy cardigan, again.


It's getting colder and colder here by the day. We kept having these random days of beautiful sunshine every week, where it was t-shirt/sunglasses weather but now, not so much. And i'm finding it really hard to get used to always wearing a coat, i keep leaving the house and freezing on the 5 minute walk to lectures! So i guess the point is that today i once again turned to the burgundy cardi because it's good for layering and warmth! I also really liked the contrast of textures between the knit and the lace of the dress, which you can't really see in the photos because the light was fading fast when we took them.
I'm pretty sure shit is about to hit the fan in terms of work, i have 4 practical assessments coming up and lots to do. Plus 4 essays and some extra curricular shizz. In fact right now i should be writing a ten minute monologue not a blog post, but due to not really having great sense with priorities, here i am. I'm trying to say that it may get quiet in terms of posting and posts that do get done will be short and sweet. But then i get xmas holidays and i'll bombard you all :)


  1. Primark have got their A/W stuff SO right, this cardigan is absolutely amazing.. I think I might have to look out for it myself!

  2. it's true, everytime i go in i find more knitwear i want! they have it in so many colours i think yu'd be silly not too :) x

  3. Cute, I might try this look out.


  4. Ugh I really wish we had Primark in Canada. I constantly see stuff I want in my closet! Lovely outfit! I really, really love that cardigan!


  5. Oh my goodness I want that cardigan! It looks ace on you! I am obsessed with warmth and chunky knits and anything in the red family! Nail polish, shoes, cardies! I have to go check this out!