Thursday, 3 November 2011

Raining in Darling

 This song always reminds me of being happy, and right now i'm exactly that (plus it's raining here so it fits quite nicely).
It's not that a huge amount happened today. All i did was (in exact order); roll out of bed, take a shower, walk to town, had lunch with a bestie, stood in the rain for a bus home, got home, went to Tesco, cooked for me and Dad, drank a couple glasses of red, watched 300 and then sat down to blog.
But for some reason today feels like it was important.
I dunno, maybe it's the wine talking. Or maybe it's just being home and surrounded by things that make me feel good has made me realise my own happiness again. It's probably that.

On to the really important stuff, on this the most wonderful day of days i wore this selection of clothes:

I left this dress at home because i bought it years ago and never wore it, but this suckaa is totally coming back to uni with me! It's amazing, i have no idea why i never wore it, granted i was a lt bigger when i bought it so proably wasn't cmfortable with how tight it would have been but now, ohhh man, i'm going to wear it to death! I love re-discovering stuff!
Rest of the outfit is pretty standard. I brought very few clean clothes back with me so i'm revolving what i wear around the same key things; i'm quite enjoying it though, lessons in capsule wardrbe dressing.
I had to layer up today due to wind and rain and general English weather, but that is not a complaint, i'm just saying!

Hpe this post wasn't to rand0m, with all my happiness blahh at the start and what have you. It's late and i'm tired and i am, if nothing else, a bit bat shit crazy. So please forgive me if it seems like senseless hippy emotional dribble that is irrelevant to an OOTD : )


  1. i have this dress and i looove it, you look cute :)

  2. im loving the print on that dress! and way cute cardigan :)