Monday, 5 November 2012

beauty post: necklace nails

As i was getting dressed i remembered the bargain £1 necklace i bought in Edinburgh and decided to wear it.

Then i decided to match my nails to it, because that's what all the cool kids do these days...

I used Rimmel 60 Seconds in 805 Grey Matter as my base as i already had it on. Then I taped off sections and used Rimmel 60 Seconds in 825 Sky High, Barry M 308 Berry Ice Cream, Barry M 320 Foil (gold) and Barry M 300 Acid Yellow to make triangle-y shapes.
It was super easy and came out pretty neat!
I'll be bored of it by tomorrow but if i was in a more committing mood I'd slap a top coat over it all to keep it fresh for a couple days :)


  1. First of all the necklace is awesome, Urban Outfitters? Looks like their kinda thing! And your nails are just wicked!
    Daisy Dayz

  2. thankyou :) it' actually from dorothy perkins!

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