Monday, 2 July 2012

Beauty Post: Neon

This is kind of a mini post because there's not much detail but I just thought i'd share my current love for neon make-up and nail varnish :)

This is my face & nails as of 10AM this morning.
It's all Barry M, only because that is mostly what I own, it wasn't a conscious effort!
The colours are as follows:
Nails: Acid Yellow (there's a big number (300) and a small number (211) on the bottle in case that matters)
Lips: Liner in number 12 (dunno if they still make this, it's kinda old now) and Lipstick in 145 which is called Punky Pink (as far as i remember, the writing has rubbed off :/)

I have loved this lippy for ages, it was the first colour i bought that wasn't red & although the liner is a lot brighter than the lipstick with a bit of crafty blending it looks awesome :)
The nail varnish looks rubbish here compared to real life, i think it comes out more yellow than it really is in photos. I will say this though, i do a base coat of the Barry M Foil Effects Silver under this because it is not as opaque as it should be and purely by accident i discovered that the silver brought out the neon-ness the most.

I've spent a bucket load on neon nail varnish recently but I don't ever pay more than £5 per pot so i opted for this instead of the American Apparel neons which seem to be raved about everywhere i go. And yeah it was a bummer that it didn't come out perfect but hey ho, that's life. Even the Models Own Neon Blue i got was pretty dissapointing (especially compared to the red and orange which are awesome!).

I don't see my addiction ending any time soon, in fact i want some of that neon UV matte lippy, anyone know where i can score??

What do y'all make of the neon make-up? Or just neon in general? Yay or Nay?
I think we all know my opinion, but don't be scared to disagree :)


  1. I love neon make-up! Had a brilliant neon yellow polish by NYX, but it's disappeared. Flormar do a range of neons too, some of which are better than others. I also have a neon yellow eyeshadow from Stargazer that has never been applied - I haven't figured out how to make it work!

    1. hi chloe!
      i've used neon shadow two ways: apply a thin line above winged eyeliner to be more subtle or go nuts and put it all over your eyelid right accross to your temple and down to your cheekbones, throw some glitter on top of it (i've done this for parties, it's a bit much for day to day :D)

      hope that gave you some ideas, you just have to experiment! xxx

  2. I love neon in small amounts! especially on nails! Love the color of your varnish!
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    1. thanks laura, glad you like it :) i think neon varnish is my favourite way to wear it.xx

  3. You look amazing! I'd give the neon nail varnish a go, but I doubt I could pull off the lipstick. You do though!

    1. gemma you could totally pull of the lippy, i thought i looked a right idiot at first but it's just a bit much to get used to at first.
      like when i first started wearing my hair in a top knot i was convinced it looked like a pineapple hat :)
      try the lipstick! :D